Protection saves lives

Protection is the most important issue of any military mission in risky areas and the key factor for the probability of survival. SII Netherlands BV contributed its engineering knowledge to the development of safety.
Over a number of years, SII Netherlands BV has built up expertise in the area of modern military vehicle design. Combining the knowledge and experience of both SII and the customer has led to the success of a number of projects in this specialised field of engineering.

Construction of a amored vehicle 
SII Netherlands BV has a specialist team working on the interior design of an international motorised armored vehicle. Using Unigraphics computer-aided design tools, SII Netherlands engineers generate and optimise ergonomically acceptable and producible design solutions within the constraints of the limited available space.
The SII Netherlands team members fully integrated with dedicated customer teams, together with their specialists, in order to meet the customer’s requirements. A phased design process ensures that project milestones in the overall planning are met and closed on time.