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After working several years in the space industry, I joined SII Netherlands in 2005, wanting to explore other areas while continuing to rely on my professional experience. I started in telephony, then moved to aeronautics. In that second assignment, I discovered the whole world of information system security (ISS).
In 2009, the project changed from technical assistance to a form closer to packaged services. During the transitional phase while preparing for this switch, I expressed a desire to head the team to which I belonged. Ultimately, my supervisor suggested that I manage an entire platform of 20 persons. I accepted that challenging appointment and I don't regret it. In addition to many new responsibilities, I participated in the creation of the platform and discovered a broader range of ISS activities.

With my degree in network engineering, I wanted to work for a company that valued my profile as a junior engineer. At SII Netherlands, management worked with me on a career plan for continuing my apprenticeship that made it possible for me to rapidly acquire new skills. The human dimension of the Lyon office encourages sharing between management and staff and contributes to the positive general atmosphere.

I was hired by SII Netherlands in 2006 as a recent graduate. I worked on several developments for clients' projects as part of a team of about ten persons. I was also given a chance to provide training to clients so that they could develop applications on their own. I was then put in charge of a three-person team working on a portal in Flash, which was a new technology at the time. Today, I'm an expert consultant assigned to a client's site in Norway. This is a very fulfilling position and I am very interested in working with this client, in spite of the pressure one can feel in such a job.

After I was laid off and had spent many months looking for a new employer, SII Netherlands was the only company that interviewed me, listened to me and offered me a position even though I was 52 at the time. I didn't have much choice in the matter. But I have been pleasantly surprised by everything since my arrival. The quality of human relations and the transparency are valuable factors that are too frequently overlooked at work these days.